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SMLogic is in the business of Web Solutions, since 2010. We are specialized in cutting edge websites with style, interactive Flash animation, high end multimedia, and robust database applications/e-commerce solutions. We design, deploy and manage web sites of the highest quality for forward-thinking clients that demand a return on their internet solutions investment. We can measurably drive sales, reduce manpower, improve communication and enable a higher level of collaboration between you and your customers.

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. Customers have more choices and purchasing channels than ever before and when they interact with a retailer they want you to know who they are and what they want. To be competitive in today's demanding multi-channel retail environment, retailers need their retail management systems integrated to deliver enhanced customer service across channels while driving growth and increased revenue.

We understand these needs and deliver a cloud-based, multi-channel retail management system that brings together POS, eCommerce, CRM and marketing, merchandising and order management, financials, and warehouse management into a single centrally managed solution.

The rapid speed of change in the retail industry presents challenges that can only be mastered by unique and forward thinking entrepreneurs who make effective use of technology and modern techniques while avoiding a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to retail. SMLogic promotes business growth and efficiency through innovation and technology.

We understand the unique challenges and demands retailers face each day. As a result, our in-house programming team has created an advanced retail management system which exceeds these needs. The fact that our software is developed in-house, allows us to specifically focus on each individual retail business. Our extensive, customizable software provides retailers with sophisticated tools to manage every area of their business operation as efficiently as possible.

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Software Development

SMLogic is a leading technology service providers and software development company specializing in systems integration, application development, custom software development, software testing, cloud services, rich web technologies and digital marketing. SMLogic as a trusted and long-standing partner works with our clients, providing adept, strategic and objective advice to help solve their most important and complex IT problems. Our approach to Software Development combines greater domain expertise with robust capabilities in technology and operations.


Web Development

We provide exceptional consulting expertise, and strategic design that compliments your brand & accomplishes your goals. Your website is not only a well-designed marketing tool, but an application that improves business processes and helps generate revenue. At SMLogic, we achieve this by concentrating on clearly defining business, technical, and design requirements coupled with strong project management processes. Not only do we understand how to design and develop a website, but we also understand how to integrate it with your business workflows and systems.


Mobile App. Development

Deploying mobile apps is hard. Developers need to not only design the apps, but find ways to manage users, data security, workflows, integration to existing enterprise systems and more. Flexible and easy to use, SMLogic Apps is a middleware framework for developing iPhone apps, Android apps, or for virtually any other device or data type, and provide user management, data-security & syncing, workflows, and integration to diverse enterprise back-end systems.


Point of Sale

We offer a flexible POS solution designed to fit all kinds of businesses. Enjoy benefits created for retail stores and service businesses. Let us make your business life simpler, while you earn your profits. This retail POS software gives retailers the power of full control and the comfort of real-time monitoring. You need nothing but a modern computer to start using our POS. All the software updates are for free. It is as simple as browsing the Internet.

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  • CPA

  • ESale (Ponit of Sale)

  • CMS

  • Inventory and Account Management

  • Easy SMS

  • Pothoharbiz (Online Directory)

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SMLogic is a professional software development and web design company. We provide fully customized solutions to make your brand succeed with eye-catching design and necessary functionality. Whether your website requires e-commerce functionality, flash animation, high-volume information management, and more, our specialized team of designers, programmers, and marketing specialists, each an expert in his or her own field, will handle your project from start to finish.


We are always looking for talented people with a passion for client satisfaction to join us.

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